Transform the Knowledge and Expertise You Already Have Into Your Dream Coaching Business... Without the Confusion and Burnout.

Learn how to breakthrough the FIVE Stages of Building a Successful Coaching Business...Starting Today!


Learn a proven pathway for building systems and processes that will transform your work from the hustle of the self-employed to the freedom that comes with operating a true business.  Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief! This is the critical information you've been waiting for.

Here's just some of what we'll learn together...

Bringing a Real Business To Life

You'll learn the difference between coaching, and owning a coaching business...and how you can shorten the learning curve when transforming from one to the other!

The Well Oiled Machines

You will learn the Six Systems, and Three Accelerators needed to get your business firing like a rocket ship!  You're only regret here will be that you didn't see it sooner!

The Blueprint

You will learn exactly what the pathway from chaos to calm looks like as I walk you through all of the stages, and the barriers between each of them. 

The Secret Sauce

If you're done trying courses that you don't finish, and are finally ready to just get this thing can't miss this! I will show you the secret weapon used by the most successful coaches and entrepreneurs in the world to build their business in a way that can operate with...or without them at the wheel.

The Biggest Myth

I'll let you in on the biggest myth in business building for coaches and consultants...and how buying into it can cost you the business and life you've been envisioning for yourself!

The Three Deadly Mistakes

You'll learn the THREE things you should NEVER do while growing your business....and how to avoid them on your way to achieving a "business by design".

This 4-Part Training Series is Just What the Doctor Ordered if....

  • You understand that not allowing your business to dictate your life is important.
  • You're frustrated from piecing together different pieces of the puzzle from all over the internet in attempts to build your business.
  • You're excited to learn but the current courses you're taking just aren't getting you where you need to be.
  • You're ready to buckle down and get started growing your business

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith, and I'll be your business coach for the next few days!

I'm Kevin Shabaar Smith.  I have been building coaching programs with organizations and solopreneurs for over a decade now.

I've worked with brand new coaches, and multi-million dollar organizations helping transform their knowledge and expertise into coaching programs and scaleable businesses.  

How? By bulding systems into their work.  By taking the intangible and making it tangible.  

The bottom line is there are a TON of people out there right now waiting...not waiting for me, not waiting for the next Tony Robbins.  They are waiting for YOU.

And I want to help you set yourself up with the space to show up for them in ALL your glory.  I want to life the weight of "self-employment" off your back and help you build a business by design...the business you'll fall in love with!  

If your ready to move from chaos to calm..Let's get started.

Kevin Shabaar Smith